Thankful for YA books

I wanted to write a blog that gives me much thanks for the month of November. My first thing of being thankful for is Young Adult books. I’m not a young adult anymore but I can say that it has saved me literally when I was a kid. I was the only 12 year old reading Stephen King books while everyone else did whatever 12 year old kids did. I was in love with Hanson which I’m still a fan of since 1997. I was teased and made fun of for supposedly being a lesbian because Hanson looked like girls. I always remember a memory of having an ice ball thrown at my face around my 8th grade year. The laughter and pointing created a whole inside my heart and a loneliness no child should feel. My mother would take me to go to the library and check books out. My usual collection was of course consisted of Stephen King and a lot of books about the planet and solar system.

I don’t remember the first young adult book that I had read but reading has always been apart of my life. I remember reading V.C. Andrews and Dean Knootz. It wasn’t until I started writing (seriously as a pre-teen) that I was introduced to the world of YA writing and reading. The books took me to another world-although temporary-it was a relief to be ‘away’ from the teasing and the feeling of being hurt all the time.

As an adult I find pride that I was that odd kid that read a lot and wrote short stories that I had been complimented on. It branched me out to the person I am today. Without such great writers like, Judy Blume to take my mind off of the harsh reality around me I don’t know where I’d be today. I surely wouldn’t be a book reviewer for Yam Mag and meeting fantastic people. I wouldn’t find the joy in reading Patti Larsen’s Clone series (as well as other novels). I wouldn’t have had the guts to go by myself to book signings and meeting, Becca Fitzpatrick, Libba Bray, Meg Cabot and many other fantastic writers who still continue to impress me and motivate me in many ways. My life wouldn’t have been enriched by talking with a fantastic writer Rhonda Helms and bonding over Spartacus.

YA has opened a lot of doors for me. They might not be the biggest doors but I could be a single mother of 3 children right now. Or I could have been stuck in Chicago, poor with some health problems that a lot of people I knew as a kid are suffering from. Its an unfortunate fate for us to be teased but we made it. I want to be that author that sparked life back into a reader even if I never knew it. YA is a fantastic piece of my life. I’ll always read it remembering my first crush or how I felt being rejected by someone but having the courage to go on with my life. Young Adult has taught me a lot of things and it continues to do it till this day. I believe we always learn from children and those who write about them are living their life again and perhaps we’ll learn from that at any stage of our life.

In November, I’m thankful for the countless trips to the library picking out YA novels and standing out when the world wanted me to step back in line and be a quite little girl. I’m far from being a young girl now and I’m way off in being quite. I’m grateful for the hardships that created this sweet reward.

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