A Thirty-Something Girl by L.M. Stull

I wrote a review on Amazon.com for my dear friend Lisa Stull who has released her first published book. I never read a book in a genre where a women finds normal tragedies that don’t happen to have demons chasing after teenagers, vampires sparkling or werewolves vs *insert supernatural being here*.

I do find this book very uplifting. I’ve never had to suffer a divorce and that’s what Hope Jackson has to go through. She holds it in so much that she contemplates killing herself. What’s life worth? I thought the same at some point in my life. I read on trying to find my connection with this young women fighting her 30th birthday on top of everything going wrong in her life. I’m close enough to 3o that I sympathize with her.

Hope finds herself staying at her close friends home looking out at the beach with crazy rich neighbors. She meets a handsome and sexy man while stand in front of her patio door wearing little to nothing. Tee hee!

But even as we see her trying to get back into normal life she has her doubts, fears and freezes up. That’s when I found my connection to her. Its the fear of opening yourself again after finding yourself hurt and betrayed. Finding that you, yourself haven’t given your honest to another person.

I adore this book, the friendships and horrible past. I accepted the way she pulled herself up through the depression and smelly breath. I cried with Hope during her time of loss and cheered her on when she met a man that made her stomach do flip flops.

All in all, a book I would have easily passed by this amazing Chick Lit in the bookstore, now has become a book I would gladly read again. My message to you is to never glance easily at a book. Pick it up and read what its worth.

A Thirty-Something Girl is a book about real struggles and passion. A book that anyone who has had to suffer during a hard time can come through stronger and wiser.

My love for strong women being written has grown fonder. Thank you L.M. Stull for a story that was breath taking, and well told.

A Thirty-Something Girl at Amazon.com

My review for the kindle version:

A Thirty-Something Girl, is beautifully written, with words that make you seem as if you are with the characters. Every word described makes you feel as if you are watching a movie instead of reading. The world is beautifully thought up; so realistic that it does take a moment to put down and do something else. I give A Thirty-Something Girl complete five stars. I love the character of Hope and her struggles with love and trying to get back into the world of ‘normalcy’. I myself find myself attached to her struggles as being hurt myself, so there is plenty of identifying with her. Not only are we given a glimpse of struggles but there is love there from her friends, which I’m sure all of us can relate to. Before the year ends, read this and fall in love, laugh and enjoy A Thirty-Something Girl by L.M. Stull.


Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

Robert Downey, Jr.

I said a hot dayum! He is a amazing actor and anyone who disagrees….disagrees? *shifty eyes* No, seriously he’s freaking brilliant considering if you look at his past you have to be inspired by this man. He’s handsome, hilarious and talented. If I tried to act, I just would have tired. That’s all I’ve got. We all know Mr. Downey plays the lead in this movie. He’s crazy and its how I like my fictional men: all messed up in the noggin. He pulls this version of Sherlock off. While he’s really bat sh*t crazy he’s really a intelligent man who seeks what we all seek: normal human emotions. He just delivers them differently.


Played by Jude Law a handsome English man….and where have I been? I thought he was American. Okay no more calling me names. I’m going to be serious for a moment. Watson best friends to Sherlock the movie version and all I can think as I’m watching is why they are best friends? It dawns on me that when you have a crazy friend and I’m that crazy friend, you need a normal person to balance them. I have that normal balance of a best friend. His role in the movie is the one to have the head on straight. To see the world in its ‘normal’ vision. He’s there for the ‘normal’ thinking viewers as a translator of sorts from where Sherlock is concerned.

Okay lets get to this review

I saw this movie with my good friend. We both loved the first one so why not see the second one together right? RIGHT! Bare with me. I enjoy telling you my thoughts on movies. I had nothing to write on. I really wasn’t sure I was going to post a blog on this. At least if you are on the fence with this movie you’ll take what I say into consideration.

What got me hooked on the first movie was the slow motion explanations during fight scenes. Call me crazy or just a very hormonal woman, who loves seeing fight scenes in slow-motion as you see the extension of arm muscles under skin if you, will but it was brilliantly done. The second film has a total of 3 of these scenes. I’m not sure but it wasn’t enough to satisfy me. I got confused as far as the character played by Rachel McAdams (The Notebook)  Irene Adler. I LOVED HER so much that as the movie progressed I was stumped. Not to spoil anything I’ll just drop this half finished thought here and leave you guys to WTF!

We are now seeing Watson finally marry to his darling Mary who has a love hate relationship with our sexy, sarcastic, brilliant, crazy Sherlock Holmes. Before that is an amazing fight scene introducing one of my new favorite characters in the film; a gypsy women named Simza played by Noomi Rapace (2009 Swedish film The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo). Sim happens to portray a fortune teller before confronted by Sherlock at Watson’s ‘bachelor party’.

Between the fight scenes, amazing cgi and Sherlock riding Ponies-and making it look sexy-we have our archenemy, Professor James Moriarty; played by  Jared Harris (The Other Boleyn Girl). I LOVE him and I have no idea why. He matches Sherlock wit by wit making it a challenge for Sherlock to get any hand on him. When you think he does he actually never did which makes this a best villain in my opinion. With new technology being introduced into the time period you see how they work well with them like the motor car or handguns. You can almost see how uncertain that time period was with new things being introduced. Little things like that showing us that we are looking at a different era makes the movie better. They are after all trying to convince us as watchers that this is happening.

As we get deeper in the movie the jokes are flying around, the guns are being shot. People are dying and being injured. For me it was the ending that determined why I’m going to watch the third one. At the end you see Watson typing about Sherlock almost ending his book (I think) when he gets a package. He rushes to ask Mary who delievered it when you get a special surprise….we all saw it coming anyway. So if you think this is a cliff hanger and a bad review go watch the movie come back and let me know how well you liked it or hate it.

Either way since there were less slow motion scenes for me I’m giving this movie a 4 out of 5 Nicole stars.

Oh My Nano!

Aftermath of Nanowrimo

I’m drained.

If you aren’t a writer and really don’t know what Nanowrimo is, I’ll tell you. Its when writers from any genre (I think) come together and write 50 thousand words in 30 days. Its intimidating to think about. Fifty thousand words is a lot. I’d rather have fifty thousand dollars, but the accomplishment feels great.

I’ve done Nano-for short- last year and finished with 65 thousand words. This year I barely made it. Its quite sad because this year I had outlined, had created plot points for the middle and end, nothing for the beginning. When it came down to Nano starting on November 1st, I became blank. I felt really stupid that these characters were waiting as much as I was to have a story written. Nothing came, it was like having a sea of crickets singing in your head. That bleck moment happened. I’m searching around my room looking for inspiration. My drug abusing neighbors weren’t any help either. I actually listened to them to see if that would help.

So with the second day arriving, I notice writers already had a word count. I had nothing! Something hit me, a small voice that wasn’t apart of the book I wanted to write so, Mine and Your Earth was born.

I started flying through this and I’m still not done. I only validated my word count for the site to be done with it. Something about Mine and Your Earth has just stuck with me. Its all I think about. I’ve never wrote or had a desire to write science fiction but this is mainly what it is. Its young adult science fiction. The only young adult, sci fi book I’ve ever read is Across the Universe by Beth Revis.

What’s Next?

I have no freking clue to be honest. I need 6 more chapters to write (I hope) then I’m waiting until February 2012 to even look at it.

What I do know is that I suggest anyone who is a writer during the Nano craze, to put this rushed book to the side and just breath. After I’m done writing I’m going to take December to dedicate to reading Libba Bray and Meg Cabot. Perhaps let my mind unwind and dive into a book that someone else possibly pulled their hair out during their time writing.

Any advice during Nano?

Yes! I freaking do. I will tell you what I’ve learned myself. Perhaps you can take this with you or just leave this here. SAVE YOUR WORK!!! I don’t know how many times a buddy has weeped about losing their work. The excuses amaze me. I’ve literally timed myself to save a file. It takes no more then 3 seconds depending on how fast your computer is. My Toshiba is pretty neat so It took less then 3 seconds to save. CTL+S=SAVE. I’ve had arguments with people who just wrote term papers for example, their kid comes typing away and they lose everything. CTL+Z is undo. It goes so far so try that. It takes one second unless you can’t see then it may take 5 seconds.

Open a FREE e-mail account for saving your work. Create a folder in your mail and send yourself your work. It’s amazing, free and it really works. USB’s are fantastic, my western digital holds a lot of my stuff but I don’t count on it. Its just a back up. BACK IT UP. I have two e-mails I save my work on, my western digital external, a small 1 gig usb and of course my computer. If I can think of anything else to back it up on I’ll do it.

When things get tough walk away from your work. I’ve cried this Nano because I thought I was a lousy writer. I was stuck for days until Mine and Your Earth just popped into my head while I as watching The Golden Girls. I’ve bitched on Twitter, complained on Facebook but the thing is I never gave up.

Don’t Give up

Its really worth it in the end. Even if its not for Nano. During your time keep writing even if its crap. I know Mine and Your Earth is filled with past tense while I was trying to write in the present tense. I know the plot holes make this look like swiss cheese. The idea is to keep your fingers moving and your brain working. A lot of the plot holes I filled were during sessions that I knew nothing was going to happen, I felt like I was in a different part of my head. Things just started to click. I got a background story for the most part. My MC was able to get through things and figure out the why her mother was murdered. She rambles a lot but that’s because I didn’t want her to be perfect. She may come across annoying but her thing is, she’s trying to find her own perfection. It doesn’t exist so I’m trying to allow her to figure this out.

To be continued…

Well that’s all for now. I’m a Nano winner for 2011. I can say I will not participate in 2012 this is too much of a headache. If I were jobless, could manage my time better with not wanting to sleep all the time because work is draining-woe is me! The distractions of wanting to play Assassins Creed: Revelations and day dreaming. I think I’ve had my fair share of pulling out my hair, glaring at my family to just shut up. Big thanks to everyone for being so kind to me during these last 30 days. You are truly amazing. You know who you are.

One More Thing!

My playlist: There are more songs I can’t type so I’ll give you the artists that I’ve listened to.

  • Jordin Sparks
  • JYJ
  • Tohoshinki
  • Christina Aguilera
  • Big Bang
  • Teen Top
  • Maroon Five
  • T.M. Revolution
  • Bi Rain
  • Gackt
  • Mariah Carey
  • Boys II Men
  • B1A4
  • Jessie J
  • Boyfriend
  • Block B
  • Chris Crocker
  •  Jay’ed
  • AND Hanson

Hot Pass

Sexy first in line!

She’s blonde, not very tall; has really nice cloths that I wish I could afford unless she’s a great bargin shopper. And she’s taking out your cellphone charger to plug in hers. SAY WHAAAT?? It didn’t necessarily happen to me. Its quite now after she left; after the plane boarded and everyone wanted to stone her to death. That’s the first airplane heading out to Chicago. I’m waiting for my 2:45PM flight. I still can’t get over how some people think they are entitled to things because they are more attractive? Well that’s not really true. Its just something that I had thought when the guard had to come over and escort the women to a different charging spot.

She pouted, flailed her perfectly manicured hands around, yelling about injustice. Perhaps she didn’t say that. After her high pitched sqawks started I turned on my headphones and watched the scene unfold creating my own story.

But from what I got, her phone was like 3 bars instead of a fully charged 4 bars or whatever. She needed to charge because she didn’t want her phone to die. May I say b*tch please?

You’re pretty, sooo STFU?

I’m a hater naturally, no I’m not but I do look like I’m pissed all the time. Inside I’m really happy and throwing confetti around. But when you are an attractive person with a piss poor attitude and I look up because you are creating a scene at a public place don’t get ticked off at me, rolling your eyes and smacking your lips because I looked at you embarrassing yourself. She seemed so angry with everyone. Its a fantastic day in Kansas City. Granted I don’t have my hair done, my makeup is non existent and I’m hungry as hell. But still just enjoy the day. Enjoy the fact that air passes your lips and enters your lungs.

So with all this done. Do more attractive people get better treatment? I only ask because that’s what I thought upon her not being thrown out of the area as she threw a tantrum demanding to be treated fairly; that all chargers were open to anyone’s use. I agree with her but  someone’s property was touched in this instance.

I just want to clarify, I don’t hate other people for their looks. If you are prettier then me, I’ll survive so I don’t mind. I just noticed that majority of the time when attractive people pull weird things that I know I couldn’t get away with it raises questions in my head. I guess its the reason why I act normal and wait my turn for a free outlet for my belongings.

Or is this an act of being an a$$hole?

If you have been living in a hole for the past lifetime then I guess you never encountered an a$$hole. I define a$$holes as: Individuals who aren’t capable of being nice, beings who are out against the world to get what they want no matter who is in the way. Add your own definition in the comments.

I find those who are entilted more to things behave a certain way. When we entoucnter people who are entitled to more then us and actually have a decent behavior; happen to be caring and considerate we tend to blow them off and act like the assholes we shy from. But it doesn’t go without saying that money, power and being a butt head seems to go hand in hand. I suppose this is a blog about me judging someone because I think they are good looking and well…spoiled. Perhaps if I can try to put my self  in her place perhaps she was having a bad day or she was just fed up with things? But in the end these are not excuses to treat your fellow man like dog poop on your lawn. Things belong to people. Words can form and come crawling out your mouth. Ask nicely and you may receive a positive response.

In the end

Airports usually have more then one station of chargers. Even if you weren’t at your gate ‘honey child’ the terminal was so small, and so quite and just amazing to be at, that you couldn’t possibly have missed your flight out.  To conclude this very confusing blog. Happy Halloween, Miss Blonde. You sure showed us your costume and you haven’t even put the green make up on.

Road Rage: I Think You Crossed The Line.

Stop. Look. Listen.

Literally this morning I knew I was going to be late for work. I have a cough that kept me up at 1 am. I get up at 5 in the morning. You do the math. I’ll wait…okay you figured how much sleep I got? I can function on that perfectly fine but I’m sick and in a bad mood. I’m almost close to my job when a car starts honking at me. WHY? I’m thinking. I knew I passed the guy because I could see through his back window he’s talking on his cell phone going 25-30 in a 45 zone. Could it be the look of ‘WTH are you doing’? I gave him, or that I’m actually in front of you driving? Not too sure. Honestly, I really don’t have a lot of time to play around with people who like to disobey Illinois law.

Illinois law is you must have a hands free device if you MUST talk on the phone. For example using your speaker or a blue tooth. Texting for obvious reasons: Banned. Thank goodness for that. This person wasn’t using anything hands free nor paying attention to what side he should be on. Safe to say I wanted to get parked and into my job safely. Instead of just going on his merry way as I headed down the road to my job, he ends up cutting off a car turning behind me just to yell at me. All because I passed him up?

Okay. I can take some of the blame I did honk when he was swerving and I did roll my eyes. But honestly its 6:23AM there is no need to be that hostel. Sadly I’m going to say a lot of people are half asleep getting to their jobs. Its just the way it is and with that thought its scary.

I get to my place of work and he passes by and then u-turns incorrectly in the middle of the road just to pass again. I park in the back in front of the security cameras and run inside my building letting the security guy know what had happened. Sadly he tells me that this isn’t the first time an employee at this location has been treated that way. Honestly what is up with the people of the town I work in? Are they deprived of something like patience? I know I am. But honestly I don’t talk on my cell phone when driving nor do I text or surf the web. I’m sorry but if its important I’ll pull over.

So When Is Enough, Enough?

I would say when you are willing to follow someone wherever they are heading to. If I trouble you so much, or if someone is on your rear end that bad. Call the police. Here I’ll give you the number: 9-1-1. Instead of putting the law in your hand to get someone back its easier to just call them and let them know what is going on. Lets say if I cut this guy off because he wasn’t paying attention. Write down my plate number, pull over and call that number I just gave out. I’ve done it once before and it works wonders. I didn’t have high blood pressure and I wasn’t mad. In this case, where did the guy end up? I have no idea. But this one that followed me must have been angry from before. I just don’t understand where I went wrong. I replay the scene in my head multiple times and all I did was pass up a slow driver by moving into the left lane, checking to see if it was okay to go back into the right lane upon passing him. After that only Satan knows because that a-hole must have took the wheel and followed me.

I was scared SH*TLESS

I’m a really tough person and if you knew about my personal background with my father you will know that I don’t play around with older men when they get outrageously angry or if I feel as if I’m in harms way. I will start shaking like I did and find ALL possible ways to escape. So when I was at work with the security guard I felt a million times better. I honestly don’t know what I would have done if that guy confronted me. I would be in jail right now for trying to protect myself. I don’t deal with men and their anger. I never will want to unless its my future husband and I already know how he deals with it. I don’t cry and I haven’t cried in front of people in years. I was almost on the verge of crying because I felt as if I was going to be hurt.

When you become belligerent to get an emotion out of someone because you’ve become easily angered, its time to stop driving or take some breathing classes. Anger management work wonders.

My Imagination Is Running Wild

When you spook me that’s a done deal. Meaning, I thought the guy was waiting out side for me until I exited to leave for home. I thought he was already in the back placing a bomb underneath my car. There were thoughts that he put a tracking device underneath to follow me home and murder everyone in my house.  Its safe to say that I’m doing okay and I’m still alive.

The Point Of This Blog?

Its to be a safe driver. Pay attention until you get to your destination. We have a lot of things going on in this country for other people who have road rage to add to the pile of crap America is dealing with to a day to day basis. Instead of adding more horrible events to your plate get to where you need to go safely.  I understand road rage is like stupid weather, you can’t really predict it. Its hard for others to calm down but don’t ever follow someone because they made you mad. In the end as the one who is doing the road rage gets into the most trouble. Just because you’ve confused aggressive driving with road rage doesn’t mean you should be a dick. Cool it and drive safely.

Next Blog:

Perhaps something about writing? I have no tips really.

Twitter followers….but where’d they go?

Hello There

Its been a while since I’ve updated my amazing blog. I’m a bad writer eh? Not as bad as these Twitter peeps. So I have a question for you. You own a Twitter? If the answer is yes please keep reading. If not I hope you find enjoyment in this. My next question: do you have followers? If the answer is yes lets get this blog started.

Twitter is where its at???

Recently, I saw a tweet from a friend who is a fantastic writer. I think you can just imagine how many people follow her. But its not the amount that matters its those who stay dedicated and keep following for updates on her books, or just because she’s just amazing to follow. Her tweet mentioned the annoyance of people who follow you, then unfollow.  It seems almost immediately that these people unfollow you once you click that button. I’ve expereinced this myself. I’m not sure what the motive is. I’d like to get to the bottom of that.

Its not that we are anal about our follower count-majority of us aren’t-, but those who are dedicated to social media really aren’t appreciative of those who act as if they are interested in us as a person or for what we do but turn around and don’t communicate with us or just unfollow.

Getting your follow count

My thought is this, these people are either trolls or have very short attention spans. Perhaps its the addiction to having so many people following them. Could it be an ego booster? I’m not one to want to be apart of your circle of ego minions just yet, since you just unfollowed me! But the reality is this: there are people out there who just want to boost up their follower count. Why? I have no freaking clue. I don’t see the use in having over 86,199 followers unless you are Joe Manganiello. Then yes I can see why so many people want to follow you.  But if you are someone I want to get to know and have a lot of interests with I will follow back. But recently I’ve been letting people wait a day or two before I follow. Its a waste of time to wait that long but its a certain test I have. If you’ve followed without me following back, you deserve all the followers you have.

Getting Followers

There is no rules on how to get followers, you just have to follow people you think are interesting. its what I do and I have a decent amount of people following back. Stick to your interests, Twitter is a social media, its not high school. No one is going to bully you (I hope) if your follower count is over those who follow you. It just means you are on twitter a lot and like following people. You don’t have to even out your follower and followers count. Its ridiculous. The thing you should do to get followers is know you are able to communicate with majority of them. Or at least find a way for them to keep in the loop with whatever you are doing. Keep a blog and post it the links on twitter. Communicate with them via Twitter by asking them how their days are. Then down the line these followers recommend other people to your Twitter by hashtagging or direct linking. Its being kind to others that gets your count up, not being a douche bag and playing around.

Your reason for unfollowing is invalid

I would be happy if you just don’t follow at all. I don’t like the excuse of, “Its my twitter I’ll do what I want.” Yeah, I get it you are a BAMF. J/K Its you that hopes all these people you are planning  to unfollow anyway, to notice your work. Its a give or take kind of thing. You give me a follow, I’ll give it back. I’m not sticking around for someone who can be initially selfish. You want my support but I can’t have yours?

And in the end…

Its just Twitter, the bowels of Hell won’t open up and swallow you whole. Satan won’t be sitting on his firey thrown shaking his finger at you and pointing at his Mac book asking why you didn’t have more followers then those you follow. Twitter is a means of communication whether its business or casual. You can mix the two. Unless you are an organized person and have 2 twitter accounts. But let me end this by saying; ITS FREAKING ANNOYING. It just is. It annoys the crap out of me that people just follow to boost up their counts. It irritates me because I see no satisfaction of doing this. I don’t see how it could better yourself in life or your life on the internet. So if you find yourself doing this don’t get mad that there are Mass unfollows out there to clean up people like yourself or others like you. I’m watching you!!! But not really.

New Job Less Time To Write.

New Job

Yup, you saw correctly. For the past 2 months I’ve been working at CVS/CAREMARK doing mailroom and other amazing things. The job was fun but now has become boring. The people are a hit or miss. Either they talk about you behind your back, becoming kind hearted to your face. Or they are the kindest people with no hatred in their hearts. I’ve encountered both while working. I’m happy to be there and making money. The downside, I don’t have enough time during breaks to write like I had planned. I do have a lot of material I can use. All in all, I’m content with this postion; even if it is a temp job.


I have been writing here and there. I’ve been thinking about editing once again for the fourth time on my work during Nanowrimo 2010. There are a lot of holes that need to be filled. When not thinking about that I’m working on another Paranomal/Suspense.  I’m looking around online for writing prompts. I love them to death, so much that I think its becoming an addiction. I need to work harder on properly writing out an outline. I don’t think I’m going to stick to the normal, and just do my own. Or at least what I would think would be a proper outline. Whatever I do I just can’t stop thinking about writing. I wish there was a button to stop time so I’m able to write as long as I want. But that would become boring. So until I can figure out how to manage out my time with my job and my passion, I’ll  be thinking.

Weight Loss Blog

To conclude this amazing blog post after about 4 months of no update, I’ve started a blog to share my thoughts about weight loss. This time around I think it will work. I’m going to incorporate my writing into this difficult journey. I’ve already thrown out a lot of junk food and confessed to myself that round is not a shape and I need to eating right and moving. Even if I walk a half our a day its something until I can find a gym in my area that won’t cost an arm and a leg. Leaving me with $4 at the end of every paycheck.

If you are interested here is the link 


A scratch at the window woke me. Rubbing my eyes, I sat up and looked out into the darkness. There was only the empty field that stretched out for miles and miles in front of my house. I shrugged my shoulders and buried myself deep under the covers. There it was again. Frustrated, I walked over to the window to inspect the noise further. Still, nothing. Pressing my face against the cool glass, straining to see further into the dark abyss that encompassed my house, I saw something. A flicker of warm light. A cascading shadow. In the distance, just beyond where my eyes could take me I saw the slightest of movements. There were figures moving around. The moon was hiding behind clouds as it peaked but once again quickly was hidden.

For a moment I stared squinting past the darkness. The figures were hunched over almost dragging themselves towards my direction. I blinked rapidly trying to make an excuse to what I was seeing. The light came back again I saw it coming from the first floor of the old house. I was living with my grandmother, she was getting up in age sometimes forgetting what she was doing or how she ended up in a part of the room. Being a nurse I decided to live with my grandmother. The doctors had said she was suffering from dementia but I hadn’t believed it…or I just didn’t want to believe the last of my living relatives may die.

I pushed myself from the window turning to grab my robe. I slipped my arm through the holes tightening the belt around my waist. I took the stairs two at a time seeing the flickering of the old kitchen light turn on and off. I could see from the staircase my grandmother standing in front of the open door. I knew I had locked the screen door in case she had ever wandered around managing to ease this old door open. It didn’t take much, perhaps a simple breeze to force the door open. It didn’t have a lock. Her old wrinkled hand was on the light switch next to the door up and down her fingers went matching the tempo of the lights switching on and off. I saw her face pressed against the screen staring out into the darkness.

I approached her slowly as I entered the small yellow and white kitchen. Pots and pans were on the floor from the cabinets. The refrigerator door was wide open with food spilled out onto the floor. I looked around with my mouth hanging open. What had she done? I had just went shopping for her yesterday. I took a deep breath calling from my grandmother.

“Fiona.” I called for her when she didn’t respond to me calling her Nan.

She made a sound as if she recognized me calling for her. The lights kept flickering on and off. I reached for her putting my hands softly on her shoulders. I leaned in pressing my head against her and closing my eyes.

Click. Click. Click.

“How did you manage to make such a mess without me waking?” I asked her.


“I’m going to help you get back to bed.” I told her pulling on her. Surprisingly she was solid.

“No.” She told me resisting. She was strong.

I sighed feeling the air of the country pass through the screen. I looked out squinting at the figures moving in the distance. Ignoring the annoyance of the light turning on and off I began to see colors out in the fields.

“They’ve been out there for a long time. Do you think they see us now.” My grandmother asked looking at me finally.

“Who are they?” I asked watching dark figures shuffling closer.

I squinted again stilling my grandmother’s hand as the light flickered off. She tried wrestling me to turn the lights back on.

The wind carried soft clicking sounds from the field. My eyes finally adjusted to the night and without the moon I could see about a dozen beings moving around. There was a round object sitting in my grandparents field. It was humming as I listened, hushing my grandmother each time she tried tearing my hands away from the light switch. At the moment they weren’t paying the house any attention as the clicking sounds and shuffling bodies continued.

I heard the scratching again.

“Stay here.” I told my grandmother hoping she’d understand.

I unlocked the screen door feeling the warm breeze on my bare legs as I made my way across the wooden porch. I could feel the dogs food beneath my feet, the bowl was tipped over. The leash where my dog was usually kept tided to the banister had been chewed off. I felt the tip of the leash feeling the moisture. The door opened and my grandmother stood smiling at the field. I knew she was going to come out.
“Had you seen Minnie when you came downstairs?” I asked her.

She nodded. I waited for an answer.

“Well?” I asked as the humming started again.

I looked back out into the field once more, the people were coming closer. I could see their features a bit more as the clouds thinned in the patchy sky. They were hunched over their eyes reflected like an animals.

“They took her.” Fiona said leaning against the porch.

I gasped before asking, “What? Why?”

I saw the thin smile spread across her old face. “They were hungry.”

My stomach dropped as the figures came closer. I backed away dragging Fiona back into the house. I locked the screen door then dragging the kitchen table in front of the door hopefully blocking them from coming in.

“Why are they here?” I asked shutting off the light and looking out the kitchen window.

Fiona hadn’t say anything. I saw her standing next to the closed refrigerator. She stood silent her night gown too big for her shrinking body. Did she know something? I opened my mouth again when the scratching came again, I jumped.

“They want to come in.” She said in a small voice.

I crossed the small space separating us and took her hands into mine.

“Fiona, you have to tell me what’s going on.”

She stayed silent until I heard banging coming from the front door. I turned and saw nothing. Taking the kitchen phone I began dialed 9-1-1. The rings never came. Replacing the rings was a high pitched wailing. Instinctively I threw the phone to separate the sound from my sensitive ears. Once again I asked my grandmother to stay she nodded this time which put me at much ease. I climbed the stairs towards my room. My purse was sitting on a chair next to the window. I searched around the content of the purse coming across my cell phone. I opened it up dialing the same three numbers. There wasn’t a wailing in my ear the phone simply wouldn’t dial.

I looked up towards the window the curtains were drawn from where I had looked out before. I saw something looking at me its eyes reflecting with no need of light. Its skin tone was a dark gray its smile stretched across its long face. Its mouth was darker then the rest of its gray complexion. Being this close I could see bits of hair decorating its angular jaw. I controlled my urge to vomit where I stood.

It started tapping on the window, at first while I backed up clenching the phone towards my chest, my heart hammering loudly. The tapping then turned into scratching, it wanted to come in.

I turned from it heading downstairs where my grandmother was standing in front of the door. It stood wide open, people were on the porch. I could count six figures standing hunched and silent. My grandmother was talking to them asking them where they came from and if they knew who she was.

They looked past her and directly towards me.

“Fiona, please close the door.” I called to her feeling tears sting my eyes.

She turned around at me and smiled. “Hello there.” She said. She never smiled that wide unless we had guests over.

I didn’t want to turn around hearing the soft breathing and the scratching behind me. I wanted to scream. Why was it always tapping? Why were they here? What was out there creating all those colors?

“I can make some tea.” Fiona said walking towards the cupboard for the tea kettle.

What sounded like a rough ‘no’ came behind me. The voice was deep the sound was as if English wasn’t its first language. My grandmother froze looking over at me. I swallowed squeezing my eyes shut feeling the first tears falling from my eyes and down my cheeks.

I felt something on my shoulder squeezing it painfully. I looked at the hands, the fingers were long and rounded at the tip. I felt its head come close to mine its tongue running along my neck. Quickly as I stood I was on the floor, it hovered above me. I still held onto my phone as if it was life line. The screen door burst open. I could hear my grandmother screaming. I saw them take her, their long fingers penetrating her mouth and eyes. I saw the blood in the darkness as the moon finally escaped its prison.

They were eating her.

I turned over and threw up my meal from that evening. I coughed and gag trying to get rid of the image of my now dead grandmother.

I was picked up roughly. I kicked out to my assailant. My foot connected with something but they never made a sound. The only sounds were their scratching. They pulled me out of the house, my arms and legs burning from my efforts to get away. My throat was rough from my screams. I knew no one would hear me. We were out in the country. As a little girl I had always loved visiting my grandparents with my older brothers. Running through the tall stalks of the corn field playing hide and go seek. As a teenager it was a great place to bring the boys from other houses from miles away to make out in the dark feeling invincible.

Since my grandfather died, the corn died and so did the business, slowly following was the house. I was miles away from any other living creature. It seemed the insects didn’t dare come out. Would the silence of this night be my last farewell?

I neared the object that slowly seemed to breath. Each breath it sent out colors of yellows and oranges. They tossed me nearby. The reaction of the sphere pulsated blinding me with each beat.

“Welcome to the Scratchers.” I heard inside my head before the light overcame me.

Its like a dream to go to chosen victims windows using my foreign fingers to wake them up. To scare them is a thrill. I’m not quite myself anymore. To be human was a memory. But now feeling the life in my hands as I drag men and women out of their homes to use them for questionable experiments. My organs were harvested, my blood replaced. Its okay now to scratch during the night. If you ever hear the scratching my advice to you is to never answer.

I hope you enjoyed!

Writing Prompt Short Story

So this is going to explain a little of the short story used with the help of Lisa Stull’s blog

I know I’ve written about Writing Prompts before but long story short this method is supposed to help writers get out of a rift in a dry spell or writers block. Whatever you want to label it.

The story I wrote off of Lisa’s writing prompt #10 is of a girl who lives with her grandmother and some beings wake her up during the night. There isn’t a lot that will be filled in as to why they’ve come or the girl’s name. I wanted to leave the readers with little information and to just have them create their own world of what is around them. I think I’ve given enough information to this horror story to make you think if there are things out of this world that perhaps may come to get us. Could some outer space beings be good? Well of course but not in a horror story. With further adu, I’m going to go post the story in another post and link it here.

Happy Reading!

You need Confidence

I’m around the bend of finishing my edits for my second book in a different series then Bloodlines. Its the one I wrote for Nanowrimo. I think its better then Bloodlines since I was put in a place where I had to get words out within a month. I usually pace myself thinking of whats going to happen next but not as fast as with this manuscript.

Panic Mode

I’m on the second to last chapter of edits and I’m beginning to panic because a great writer has offered to look over the manuscript and give me feed back. I never had someone critic my work so I’m not sure how to handle it if she doesn’t like it or I haven’t done a great job of telling a story. This story entertains me, I’m not sure if it will be entertaining to others. Will it make sense to her where she isn’t guessing what I really mean? Should I go over it again? Possibly scrap it and start over again? I’ve looked at this manuscript so much that I’m not sure what holes need to be filled, what characters need more human emotions. I hate to have her come back to tell me it sucked or didn’t make sense. I don’t want to send in half-arsed work that I know I can do better on. Perhaps I should look at it in a light that I need a second pair of eyes?

Suck it up

So as I sit here typing taking a break from the edits wondering if these characters are fall in love worthy, I’m just going to suck it up and send it to her once I’m finished and work on something else until I get that email. I know my beta will be kind enough where I won’t go and run off the face of the planet to spin head over head in the void of space in tears. But its my imagination that’s getting the best of me. I am not one for failure and I have not tried to let others read my work outside of just writing for friends who have given me ideas I put it together and wa-la here is a short story for ya.

Moral of the ‘story’

Rejection! It comes to the best of us. Especially if I’m planning on sending this manuscript out to agents towards the end of 2011. If I cannot take the words of a great writer who has more talent then I have and can learn from, then this shouldn’t be a place for me. But I wholeheartedly believe I was meant to entertain you with my stories even if they don’t see the light of a bookstore. I need to embrace that there will be harsh words said to me by anyone of my work as long as these harsh words come with reasons why. I will grab myself by the metaphorical bootstraps and proceed with the edits until the end.

Thanks for your read!