Book Reviews

As a serious reader and a very dedicated writer; I’ve found that a lot of self published writers have just fantastic books as do the traditional route of publishing.  I would love a chance to review self published writers or anyone who is published. If you know of a good book you’d like reviewed just email me: NWilliamsE at gmail dot com. Subject Book Review.

I’m not a professional by any means. I will give my honest opinion but I always allow another person to take what they have read and leave the rest if they choose. Books are my life, they’ve entertained me, helped me out in tough places. I’ve found big outlets in my writing . I have to thank anyone who has wrote a blog or a short story. It takes a lot of guts to put yourself into characters many people might not like or relate too. In the end someone will like it. You gotta go out and find them. Happy reading!

Coming up book reviews:

A Christian YA novel Salvaged by Stefne Miller

A Teen Romance, Cross My Heart by Katie Klein

Adult Romance/Time Travel  Breath of Magic by  Teresa Medeiros

Adult Romance, The Marriage Bargin by Jennifer Probst


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