About The Writer

I’m really loud. My voice carries and that’s the first thing you’ll notice about me when I’m done judging people around me.

I’m sorta joking about that last part but I am quite until I’m comfortable with you. But online I’m a diva, I’m brilliant and I have the best personaility EVER.

Then I’m a writer. I think more then I should talk, but I talk when I should just be quite.

More times I’m plotting out my writing thinking of how my female chracters can grow strong and encourage others to do the same, all the while, retaining their sense of humanity.

I’m half black, living in the suburbs of Chicago. I’m an anime nerd, a girl gamer. I have tattoos and plan to get more. I love piercings and I discourage any form of hate.

I draw, make jewelry,  I’m a photographer in search of a better camera. I read a lot, I live to love movies. I’m obsessed with Marvel movies. I’m a big fan of Chris Evans and someday hope to touch him. I find myself growing fonder of Tom Hiddleston every day.

I enjoy a good horror movie to laugh at. My secret passion is to watch romance movies on sad days and cry.

My favorite tv show is The Golden Girls and Smoking Gun’s: World’s Dumbest on Tru TV.

There’s more to me you’ll see here. I blog about make up and books. I do reviews and spazz about new movies, anime and conventions. I hope you’ll be entertained.


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