I’m Back

A Month and then some…

Its been over a month since I updated my blog, not saying I’m popular but it was great to have this for when I wanted to update everyone about my makeup findings, how my progress with editing my Nano novels from 2010 and 2011 were coming along. I had my worst fear happen. My computer crashed. I never thought it would happen to me. When it did happen I didn’t care, I thought I had all my stuff off and e-mailed to my gmail account. Turns out nothing was sent as I had thought. I did have half of each 2010 and 2011 story e-mailed but with 37 chapters written last year and with 2010 nano novel written all the way through and 9 chapters rewritten that was a pretty good chunk of my writing life gone.

Good news comes in a form of a friend…

A very good friend of mine who I will call one of three best guy friends in the entire world that I affectionally call Annie is a pretty amazing computer guy. This butt hole (I say this with love) told me to ship my computer to him and bless his gigantic heart got all of my stuff off the piece of crap computer. Long story short, when he sent my computer in to get fixed–thanks to my 2 year International warranty–it mistakenly was sent back to his house after being fixed.By the grace of that ever growing heart of his he put it back on my newly restored computer.

I don’t know how you cannot love the guy and with how giving he is. He works with computers all day to come home to work on my Toshitba again.

Just writing this out makes me want to write a blog post about guys that are too kind that you think they aren’t real. Hummmm the possibilities. Maybe I will…but anyway this is an update blog.

I gave up…

I felt like the world was against me. That some unknown force wanted me to stop writing and so I did. My feelings were so heavy I couldn’t sort through them. I cried a lot and kept my feelings to myself.

A writer, and a woman I’d like to call my friend Patti Larsen never gave up on me. She was always encouraging me on Facebook and on Twitter. She was like a force pushing me. She knew I wasn’t going to quit. Hell, some part of me knew I wasn’t going to quit. It was easier to say that then to face the fact that I felt like a complete idiot that lost years of work and sleepless nights.

I never thought I’d be able to write everything again if I had to come to that point and re-write. Patti knew that if I had to I would. So out from the flames of my darkness and sadness I began plotting a new book that I named Death Dealers: Ashes book one.

In hopes that I turned a new cheek to my depressing state I decided once I have money I’m going to take Patti’s class and help with outlining Death Dealers. I haven’t forgotten Silver (2010) or Mine and Your Earth (2011), I just need something that grew from me when I didn’t think I had it in me to be a writer again.
Practice what you preach…

Have I not said back up your crap? I have had to said that in some previous post. Why didn’t I take my advice and do that? I’m sure I could have sent it to a writer friend of mine who would have kept it safe in their email. My moral of the story, if something means more to you than life you need to protect it with your life. My friend Andy (Annie) knows how much my writing means to me. I feel very blessed to have friends that listen to me and know the passion I have.

I need to ALT+ S all the time and make sure each document is sent to my g-mail in case this Toshitba crashes again.


I got another tattoo that is closely related to this blog. In February, before my crappy computer decided to throw defeat at my feet I went and got this:


3 thoughts on “I’m Back

  1. YOU are a writer (and you made me teary which you will PAY FOR). And I’m very proud of you for sticking it out and finding a way (and very grateful to Annie for his help to you!). That tattoo is so accurate–never let adversity stop you because the spark that makes you a writer doesn’t go away. SO HAPPY your bump in the road is over–let’s get crackin’ 😉

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