Maybelline Color Tattoo by EyeStudio

Another review by yours truly. A amateur in search of good cosmetics at low costs or affordably expensive. This time its a drug store brand by Maybelline. I never have used their eyeshadow except for their mascara which I’m in love with–Falsies volume express.

These eye shadows are suppose to stay on for 24 hours. For me it lasted a little under 14 hours. I’ll explain why. For me, my eyelids are very oily, its why I need two coats of primer. (I’m a bit paranoid) I don’t know why my eyelids of anything on my face besides the T zone gets this ridiculous, but it does. I’ve read and seen reviews on YouTube saying you can use these without primer. So I gave it a test. I went to Wal-greens yesterday, and saw that they had ONLY these four left. I’m feeling lucky with the Bold Gold–I love yellow/gold–so I grab them up. Right now they are selling cosmetics for by one get one half off kinda deal. Not sure how long they are having these for so get on this if you can.

I paid roughly $6.99 for two of the four; $3.50 for the half off. I like the design of the cases, the bottom is glass and the cap is a hard plastic. It fits tightly when you screw the top back on. They are light-weight but have a heaviness to them that they were designed well with travel and drops. I’m not saying you should full force throw these on concrete but for drug store cosmetics, the packaging is amazing!

They work well on their own. I’m very impressed with how long they lasted without primer but only as a base. With Bold Gold I used a yellow eye shadow by Sephora called Gold Reflection to set it. Honestly, Bold Gold never needed the set. The makeup dries really fast, it comes off cremey when you warm it up with your finger. My only hold up was the drying too quickly part. It was hard to blend and it pulled at my eyelid when I used a shadow brush. It actually hurt. All I did was warm the creme with my finger, by putting placing my finger on my lid and started playing with the product and adding a bit more from the pot. Like I said they do dry fast so its best if you work fast. If you do have a harsh line from it drying, I suggest using a powder eye shadow to blend around the edges; using a darker eye shadow if you plan to do a smokey look or a color similar to what you are using from these pots.

When working with Color Tattoo, when applying it also fade the color around the edges so you can have an easier use of blending. This is from what I went through when I was using the make up this morning. I’m not a pro but I do learn from them. I will update with a picture soon when I’ve used more colors.

The pigments are fantastic with just a simple swipe of your finger into the pots a lot comes off. What I liked about these is the names were on the caps instead of searching on the bottom of the containers. These are a must have in your make-up bag. There are a lot of pros not enough cons for me to not buy the rest of the collection. I think these colors can work well with a lot of skin tones.

I give Maybelline Color Tattoo 4 of 5 Nicole Stars. Until Next time!


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