Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

Robert Downey, Jr.

I said a hot dayum! He is a amazing actor and anyone who disagrees….disagrees? *shifty eyes* No, seriously he’s freaking brilliant considering if you look at his past you have to be inspired by this man. He’s handsome, hilarious and talented. If I tried to act, I just would have tired. That’s all I’ve got. We all know Mr. Downey plays the lead in this movie. He’s crazy and its how I like my fictional men: all messed up in the noggin. He pulls this version of Sherlock off. While he’s really bat sh*t crazy he’s really a intelligent man who seeks what we all seek: normal human emotions. He just delivers them differently.


Played by Jude Law a handsome English man….and where have I been? I thought he was American. Okay no more calling me names. I’m going to be serious for a moment. Watson best friends to Sherlock the movie version and all I can think as I’m watching is why they are best friends? It dawns on me that when you have a crazy friend and I’m that crazy friend, you need a normal person to balance them. I have that normal balance of a best friend. His role in the movie is the one to have the head on straight. To see the world in its ‘normal’ vision. He’s there for the ‘normal’ thinking viewers as a translator of sorts from where Sherlock is concerned.

Okay lets get to this review

I saw this movie with my good friend. We both loved the first one so why not see the second one together right? RIGHT! Bare with me. I enjoy telling you my thoughts on movies. I had nothing to write on. I really wasn’t sure I was going to post a blog on this. At least if you are on the fence with this movie you’ll take what I say into consideration.

What got me hooked on the first movie was the slow motion explanations during fight scenes. Call me crazy or just a very hormonal woman, who loves seeing fight scenes in slow-motion as you see the extension of arm muscles under skin if you, will but it was brilliantly done. The second film has a total of 3 of these scenes. I’m not sure but it wasn’t enough to satisfy me. I got confused as far as the character played by Rachel McAdams (The Notebook)  Irene Adler. I LOVED HER so much that as the movie progressed I was stumped. Not to spoil anything I’ll just drop this half finished thought here and leave you guys to WTF!

We are now seeing Watson finally marry to his darling Mary who has a love hate relationship with our sexy, sarcastic, brilliant, crazy Sherlock Holmes. Before that is an amazing fight scene introducing one of my new favorite characters in the film; a gypsy women named Simza played by Noomi Rapace (2009 Swedish film The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo). Sim happens to portray a fortune teller before confronted by Sherlock at Watson’s ‘bachelor party’.

Between the fight scenes, amazing cgi and Sherlock riding Ponies-and making it look sexy-we have our archenemy, Professor James Moriarty; played by  Jared Harris (The Other Boleyn Girl). I LOVE him and I have no idea why. He matches Sherlock wit by wit making it a challenge for Sherlock to get any hand on him. When you think he does he actually never did which makes this a best villain in my opinion. With new technology being introduced into the time period you see how they work well with them like the motor car or handguns. You can almost see how uncertain that time period was with new things being introduced. Little things like that showing us that we are looking at a different era makes the movie better. They are after all trying to convince us as watchers that this is happening.

As we get deeper in the movie the jokes are flying around, the guns are being shot. People are dying and being injured. For me it was the ending that determined why I’m going to watch the third one. At the end you see Watson typing about Sherlock almost ending his book (I think) when he gets a package. He rushes to ask Mary who delievered it when you get a special surprise….we all saw it coming anyway. So if you think this is a cliff hanger and a bad review go watch the movie come back and let me know how well you liked it or hate it.

Either way since there were less slow motion scenes for me I’m giving this movie a 4 out of 5 Nicole stars.


One thought on “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

  1. Another great review! I have been meaning to see this movie and now I think it will be one to look at over the Christmas break.

    I have to agree with you… Robert Downey, Jr. = yummmm 😉

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