Hot Pass

Sexy first in line!

She’s blonde, not very tall; has really nice cloths that I wish I could afford unless she’s a great bargin shopper. And she’s taking out your cellphone charger to plug in hers. SAY WHAAAT?? It didn’t necessarily happen to me. Its quite now after she left; after the plane boarded and everyone wanted to stone her to death. That’s the first airplane heading out to Chicago. I’m waiting for my 2:45PM flight. I still can’t get over how some people think they are entitled to things because they are more attractive? Well that’s not really true. Its just something that I had thought when the guard had to come over and escort the women to a different charging spot.

She pouted, flailed her perfectly manicured hands around, yelling about injustice. Perhaps she didn’t say that. After her high pitched sqawks started I turned on my headphones and watched the scene unfold creating my own story.

But from what I got, her phone was like 3 bars instead of a fully charged 4 bars or whatever. She needed to charge because she didn’t want her phone to die. May I say b*tch please?

You’re pretty, sooo STFU?

I’m a hater naturally, no I’m not but I do look like I’m pissed all the time. Inside I’m really happy and throwing confetti around. But when you are an attractive person with a piss poor attitude and I look up because you are creating a scene at a public place don’t get ticked off at me, rolling your eyes and smacking your lips because I looked at you embarrassing yourself. She seemed so angry with everyone. Its a fantastic day in Kansas City. Granted I don’t have my hair done, my makeup is non existent and I’m hungry as hell. But still just enjoy the day. Enjoy the fact that air passes your lips and enters your lungs.

So with all this done. Do more attractive people get better treatment? I only ask because that’s what I thought upon her not being thrown out of the area as she threw a tantrum demanding to be treated fairly; that all chargers were open to anyone’s use. I agree with her but  someone’s property was touched in this instance.

I just want to clarify, I don’t hate other people for their looks. If you are prettier then me, I’ll survive so I don’t mind. I just noticed that majority of the time when attractive people pull weird things that I know I couldn’t get away with it raises questions in my head. I guess its the reason why I act normal and wait my turn for a free outlet for my belongings.

Or is this an act of being an a$$hole?

If you have been living in a hole for the past lifetime then I guess you never encountered an a$$hole. I define a$$holes as: Individuals who aren’t capable of being nice, beings who are out against the world to get what they want no matter who is in the way. Add your own definition in the comments.

I find those who are entilted more to things behave a certain way. When we entoucnter people who are entitled to more then us and actually have a decent behavior; happen to be caring and considerate we tend to blow them off and act like the assholes we shy from. But it doesn’t go without saying that money, power and being a butt head seems to go hand in hand. I suppose this is a blog about me judging someone because I think they are good looking and well…spoiled. Perhaps if I can try to put my self  in her place perhaps she was having a bad day or she was just fed up with things? But in the end these are not excuses to treat your fellow man like dog poop on your lawn. Things belong to people. Words can form and come crawling out your mouth. Ask nicely and you may receive a positive response.

In the end

Airports usually have more then one station of chargers. Even if you weren’t at your gate ‘honey child’ the terminal was so small, and so quite and just amazing to be at, that you couldn’t possibly have missed your flight out.  To conclude this very confusing blog. Happy Halloween, Miss Blonde. You sure showed us your costume and you haven’t even put the green make up on.


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