Road Rage: I Think You Crossed The Line.

Stop. Look. Listen.

Literally this morning I knew I was going to be late for work. I have a cough that kept me up at 1 am. I get up at 5 in the morning. You do the math. I’ll wait…okay you figured how much sleep I got? I can function on that perfectly fine but I’m sick and in a bad mood. I’m almost close to my job when a car starts honking at me. WHY? I’m thinking. I knew I passed the guy because I could see through his back window he’s talking on his cell phone going 25-30 in a 45 zone. Could it be the look of ‘WTH are you doing’? I gave him, or that I’m actually in front of you driving? Not too sure. Honestly, I really don’t have a lot of time to play around with people who like to disobey Illinois law.

Illinois law is you must have a hands free device if you MUST talk on the phone. For example using your speaker or a blue tooth. Texting for obvious reasons: Banned. Thank goodness for that. This person wasn’t using anything hands free nor paying attention to what side he should be on. Safe to say I wanted to get parked and into my job safely. Instead of just going on his merry way as I headed down the road to my job, he ends up cutting off a car turning behind me just to yell at me. All because I passed him up?

Okay. I can take some of the blame I did honk when he was swerving and I did roll my eyes. But honestly its 6:23AM there is no need to be that hostel. Sadly I’m going to say a lot of people are half asleep getting to their jobs. Its just the way it is and with that thought its scary.

I get to my place of work and he passes by and then u-turns incorrectly in the middle of the road just to pass again. I park in the back in front of the security cameras and run inside my building letting the security guy know what had happened. Sadly he tells me that this isn’t the first time an employee at this location has been treated that way. Honestly what is up with the people of the town I work in? Are they deprived of something like patience? I know I am. But honestly I don’t talk on my cell phone when driving nor do I text or surf the web. I’m sorry but if its important I’ll pull over.

So When Is Enough, Enough?

I would say when you are willing to follow someone wherever they are heading to. If I trouble you so much, or if someone is on your rear end that bad. Call the police. Here I’ll give you the number: 9-1-1. Instead of putting the law in your hand to get someone back its easier to just call them and let them know what is going on. Lets say if I cut this guy off because he wasn’t paying attention. Write down my plate number, pull over and call that number I just gave out. I’ve done it once before and it works wonders. I didn’t have high blood pressure and I wasn’t mad. In this case, where did the guy end up? I have no idea. But this one that followed me must have been angry from before. I just don’t understand where I went wrong. I replay the scene in my head multiple times and all I did was pass up a slow driver by moving into the left lane, checking to see if it was okay to go back into the right lane upon passing him. After that only Satan knows because that a-hole must have took the wheel and followed me.

I was scared SH*TLESS

I’m a really tough person and if you knew about my personal background with my father you will know that I don’t play around with older men when they get outrageously angry or if I feel as if I’m in harms way. I will start shaking like I did and find ALL possible ways to escape. So when I was at work with the security guard I felt a million times better. I honestly don’t know what I would have done if that guy confronted me. I would be in jail right now for trying to protect myself. I don’t deal with men and their anger. I never will want to unless its my future husband and I already know how he deals with it. I don’t cry and I haven’t cried in front of people in years. I was almost on the verge of crying because I felt as if I was going to be hurt.

When you become belligerent to get an emotion out of someone because you’ve become easily angered, its time to stop driving or take some breathing classes. Anger management work wonders.

My Imagination Is Running Wild

When you spook me that’s a done deal. Meaning, I thought the guy was waiting out side for me until I exited to leave for home. I thought he was already in the back placing a bomb underneath my car. There were thoughts that he put a tracking device underneath to follow me home and murder everyone in my house.  Its safe to say that I’m doing okay and I’m still alive.

The Point Of This Blog?

Its to be a safe driver. Pay attention until you get to your destination. We have a lot of things going on in this country for other people who have road rage to add to the pile of crap America is dealing with to a day to day basis. Instead of adding more horrible events to your plate get to where you need to go safely.  I understand road rage is like stupid weather, you can’t really predict it. Its hard for others to calm down but don’t ever follow someone because they made you mad. In the end as the one who is doing the road rage gets into the most trouble. Just because you’ve confused aggressive driving with road rage doesn’t mean you should be a dick. Cool it and drive safely.

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