Twitter followers….but where’d they go?

Hello There

Its been a while since I’ve updated my amazing blog. I’m a bad writer eh? Not as bad as these Twitter peeps. So I have a question for you. You own a Twitter? If the answer is yes please keep reading. If not I hope you find enjoyment in this. My next question: do you have followers? If the answer is yes lets get this blog started.

Twitter is where its at???

Recently, I saw a tweet from a friend who is a fantastic writer. I think you can just imagine how many people follow her. But its not the amount that matters its those who stay dedicated and keep following for updates on her books, or just because she’s just amazing to follow. Her tweet mentioned the annoyance of people who follow you, then unfollow.  It seems almost immediately that these people unfollow you once you click that button. I’ve expereinced this myself. I’m not sure what the motive is. I’d like to get to the bottom of that.

Its not that we are anal about our follower count-majority of us aren’t-, but those who are dedicated to social media really aren’t appreciative of those who act as if they are interested in us as a person or for what we do but turn around and don’t communicate with us or just unfollow.

Getting your follow count

My thought is this, these people are either trolls or have very short attention spans. Perhaps its the addiction to having so many people following them. Could it be an ego booster? I’m not one to want to be apart of your circle of ego minions just yet, since you just unfollowed me! But the reality is this: there are people out there who just want to boost up their follower count. Why? I have no freaking clue. I don’t see the use in having over 86,199 followers unless you are Joe Manganiello. Then yes I can see why so many people want to follow you.  But if you are someone I want to get to know and have a lot of interests with I will follow back. But recently I’ve been letting people wait a day or two before I follow. Its a waste of time to wait that long but its a certain test I have. If you’ve followed without me following back, you deserve all the followers you have.

Getting Followers

There is no rules on how to get followers, you just have to follow people you think are interesting. its what I do and I have a decent amount of people following back. Stick to your interests, Twitter is a social media, its not high school. No one is going to bully you (I hope) if your follower count is over those who follow you. It just means you are on twitter a lot and like following people. You don’t have to even out your follower and followers count. Its ridiculous. The thing you should do to get followers is know you are able to communicate with majority of them. Or at least find a way for them to keep in the loop with whatever you are doing. Keep a blog and post it the links on twitter. Communicate with them via Twitter by asking them how their days are. Then down the line these followers recommend other people to your Twitter by hashtagging or direct linking. Its being kind to others that gets your count up, not being a douche bag and playing around.

Your reason for unfollowing is invalid

I would be happy if you just don’t follow at all. I don’t like the excuse of, “Its my twitter I’ll do what I want.” Yeah, I get it you are a BAMF. J/K Its you that hopes all these people you are planning  to unfollow anyway, to notice your work. Its a give or take kind of thing. You give me a follow, I’ll give it back. I’m not sticking around for someone who can be initially selfish. You want my support but I can’t have yours?

And in the end…

Its just Twitter, the bowels of Hell won’t open up and swallow you whole. Satan won’t be sitting on his firey thrown shaking his finger at you and pointing at his Mac book asking why you didn’t have more followers then those you follow. Twitter is a means of communication whether its business or casual. You can mix the two. Unless you are an organized person and have 2 twitter accounts. But let me end this by saying; ITS FREAKING ANNOYING. It just is. It annoys the crap out of me that people just follow to boost up their counts. It irritates me because I see no satisfaction of doing this. I don’t see how it could better yourself in life or your life on the internet. So if you find yourself doing this don’t get mad that there are Mass unfollows out there to clean up people like yourself or others like you. I’m watching you!!! But not really.


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