New Job Less Time To Write.

New Job

Yup, you saw correctly. For the past 2 months I’ve been working at CVS/CAREMARK doing mailroom and other amazing things. The job was fun but now has become boring. The people are a hit or miss. Either they talk about you behind your back, becoming kind hearted to your face. Or they are the kindest people with no hatred in their hearts. I’ve encountered both while working. I’m happy to be there and making money. The downside, I don’t have enough time during breaks to write like I had planned. I do have a lot of material I can use. All in all, I’m content with this postion; even if it is a temp job.


I have been writing here and there. I’ve been thinking about editing once again for the fourth time on my work during Nanowrimo 2010. There are a lot of holes that need to be filled. When not thinking about that I’m working on another Paranomal/Suspense.  I’m looking around online for writing prompts. I love them to death, so much that I think its becoming an addiction. I need to work harder on properly writing out an outline. I don’t think I’m going to stick to the normal, and just do my own. Or at least what I would think would be a proper outline. Whatever I do I just can’t stop thinking about writing. I wish there was a button to stop time so I’m able to write as long as I want. But that would become boring. So until I can figure out how to manage out my time with my job and my passion, I’ll  be thinking.

Weight Loss Blog

To conclude this amazing blog post after about 4 months of no update, I’ve started a blog to share my thoughts about weight loss. This time around I think it will work. I’m going to incorporate my writing into this difficult journey. I’ve already thrown out a lot of junk food and confessed to myself that round is not a shape and I need to eating right and moving. Even if I walk a half our a day its something until I can find a gym in my area that won’t cost an arm and a leg. Leaving me with $4 at the end of every paycheck.

If you are interested here is the link 


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