Writing Prompt Short Story

So this is going to explain a little of the short story used with the help of Lisa Stull’s blog

I know I’ve written about Writing Prompts before but long story short this method is supposed to help writers get out of a rift in a dry spell or writers block. Whatever you want to label it.

The story I wrote off of Lisa’s writing prompt #10 is of a girl who lives with her grandmother and some beings wake her up during the night. There isn’t a lot that will be filled in as to why they’ve come or the girl’s name. I wanted to leave the readers with little information and to just have them create their own world of what is around them. I think I’ve given enough information to this horror story to make you think if there are things out of this world that perhaps may come to get us. Could some outer space beings be good? Well of course but not in a horror story. With further adu, I’m going to go post the story in another post and link it here.

Happy Reading!


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