Reality Drama: What to expect

So recently, as in the last 24 hours I’ve met a new friend because of this on-going drama that happens because of our mutual friends crazy girlfriend. Usually as I name call someone I put a title towards them not to exaggerate, but to tell the truth.

Upon these last 24 hours this crazy child has commented towards us telling us to pray because we are gamers and of course gamers are evil? Her words make no sense as she name calls my friend and sends her messages calling her a ‘bitch’ and then blocks my friend. Before blocking, she tells my friend that she should just let it go. This all the while the crazy child had contacted her first. As a witness to this insane behavior as she spouts prayers at us, someone who acts this way has no business telling us of Jesus and his words when she name calls. The last time I checked Jesus never called a stranger a bitch or messaged them on facebook to further the name calling.

As a writer this gives me great material to use for a character in short stories that I am writing in between trying to get material for the manuscript I’m trying to accomplish. When you are faced with ‘drama’ how do you deal with it? For me I seek advice or I write it out in a story and send it out to friends to read. Or I write down my feelings at the time or file them away in my mind to use for a character in the future.

I hadn’t expected this go continue. I’m almost twenty-six years old, I graduated high school with a good GPA in 2003. This girl is very young, I think she’s pushing 20. When does one start to grow up? Could her attitude that’s so harsh be, because we are different races from her? Could this crazy child be jealous because we are friendly with her boyfriend, and knows that my friend is married, expecting a child and is happy! As for me, I’m happy have great friends, I have a crush on a attractive Asian man who lives in my state.

I can’t understand the hatred a person can have for someone they do not know at all. The majority of friends that I dearly love live in different states. I’m not planning on stealing anyone’s boyfriends who live 9 hours away from me. Being unemployed and wondering how I’m going to survive is my main concern not dealing with a child who has no self esteem.

If you are wanting to talk to a child who is crazy or a person who doesn’t make any sense that causes you drama, as an adult my advice is to ignore it. Especially if its over the internet. There is so much you can do, and as a human being we cannot save anyone who cannot save themselves. Put this negative behavior into writing if you are a reader who is a writer. Put this as an experience to deal with the next one because there always someone who wishes you harm, and hates you because you happen to know someone they are protective over.

Life is too short to be worrying if someone hates you because your skin is to light or to dark or if you are too friendly with a friend (and prettier) who happens to have a psycho girlfriend. People of this world need to know others before the their final judgment.


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