New Connections- Agents and Rushing Publishing

I just wanted to put out there for people who want an agent like myself. For a newbie to another, its not going to happen overnight. Your writing is a craft you must perfect. Your manuscript must be finished and polished. It must be read over by yourself hundreds of thousands of times and by others as well. This goes for script/screenplays as well. It must be polished so good that you’ll be able to see the face of God in it after its done. After that its query letter time. That thing alone has to be just as good as your manuscript: polished to perfection, professional and something you want to be proud of. Even if it is just one page it must be written with pride and dedication.

Next part sending it out. I don’t know a lot of authors or soon to be published authors that said it was ever easy. Melissa De La Cruz said it took her 8 years I believe to get the perfect agent. It’ll be years or a year or a month, depending on how many agents you query to get a response back.

I write this because a friend wants to get an agent and I’ve told this person all I know about the business. Its taken me a good full year to know it by heart but I still have so much to learn. Now he’s frustrated because its been 2 years. Tag on another 3 years and maybe you’ll find an agent. Its not easy since I’ve heard that the industry in itself is losing money. We are competing against our good friends to get an agent, I told him he has to read on his own up on the market he will be pursuing. I cannot just tell him what I know because I feel he has to do the research himself. He must go out and meet authors, and get friends who will cheer him on. I can only do so much and I suggest him to try not to look on the bad things when it comes to rejection. I’ll be submitting query letters in 2012 its my goal since I’ve been writing for 2 years and researching for a full year now in January.

What is your take on people who are trying to rush into this publishing and seeing no results? For me I get very annoyed but there isn’t much I can do when I feel that they won’t listen.


7 thoughts on “New Connections- Agents and Rushing Publishing

  1. The slow nature of the publishing business is a cold stab of reality even when you’re expecting it. I too garnered a nice healthy stack of rejections. A year later, I have an agent and two manuscripts out on submission. (A whole new waiting game has begun.) What have I learned? That I would never have gotten an agent at all if I hadn’t taken a chance and gone to a writers conference, where I met agents face to face. If you fear there might be mushy spots in your query, trust me, presenting it face to face will bring them to light quickly! Every book I write makes me a better writer; every year I wait makes me remember that I’m doing this because I love writing and that’s reason enough to stick with it.

  2. Trying to connect writing, patience, and publishing is a difficult one. I self pubbed partly due to impatience but also to set a foundation for myself. I am published after less than a year, with a book I am proud of, and I paid for editing and distribution. I’ve snagged a book launch at a very reputable bookstore and am on to my second book now. Treating writing as a business is important. It’s my life, my career, and to continue with it I need to earn a living from it.

  3. Well, I just posted an interview with a published writer (four books to her credit) who’s gone through three agents and is still looking. She contends no agent is better than a bad one, and she should know–apparently. So, keep encouraging your friend to work on his craft and keep advancing his work.

  4. I think the problem is that everyone thinks that “Hey, this Stephenie Meyer had a dream, wrote a book, had editors do work for it, and now she makes millions. I want to do that! It sounds easy!”

    They don’t realize that S. Meyer won the lottery of the publishing world. You’re totally right, people don’t understand how difficult it is to get published.

    I hope you find success in your writing and I look forward to reading a published work of yours someday 🙂

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