Deviantart User Lolikata

I’ve been on Deviantart also known to its residents as just DA, since January 4, 2006. My 5th year is just around the corner, I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve looked at more then thousands of art work in that time and have been a beta for writers and posted graphics of my own a well as amateur photography. During this time I’ve stumbled upon people’s works that were not so good and those who’ve blown me away with how talented they are.

I’ve watched Lolikata for a couple of months now. I follow because of the art that doesn’t mimic that of Akira Toriyama, which I’ve seen a lot of artists do. Let me slow down for a moment and give a quick background. I began to get into anime ‘hardcore’ in early of 2000. Before that it was Dragon Ball Z in Spanish (I don’t know the language) , Sailor Moon, Escaflowne just to name a few. Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z/Dragon Ball GT have been my heart for the past decade and beyond. My favorite character in this series is Prince Vegeta. I could go on forever as to why he’s my favorite, but that could be another post. To give you a reason why I am following her its simply because she does Vegeta artwork and she does get him. Upon viewing the work you can tell that she is a fan and its in her heart to draw not only this character. (I’ve always wondered what other art she has to give us, but for the time being I’m in love.) This artwork expresses so much detail and her own love for this character. The color is simply amazing and I can stare at one piece for hours. The art looks simple and gives me hope that I could be an artist until I do pick up a pencil and my creations are not quite what I’d like other eyes to see. ^^ For now, I’ll leave the drawing to the professionals and those who’ve picked it up as a hobby, I’ll stick to my writing.

As a Christmas gift to her watchers she created a drawing of Bulma (Vegeta’s wife/girlfriend later on in the series) leaning lovingly over a badly hurt Vegeta.

+ Merry merry christmas +

This inspired me to create a blog just for this user on DA. I don’t know much of the artist, I believe when she draws she puts emotions into the lines creating art that is, in my eyes perfect. If you are an anime fan you will understand completely of what I mean. Our loyalty goes down to our very soul on certain shows. I have grown out of my ‘crazed’ stage and now can appreciate the work and love that is put into creating a manga that could become an anime. I am a fan of those who spend many hours creating pieces inspired by someone else or have moved on from fan art onto their own creations. I hope to spread that joy myself through my own writings someday. This is a drabble of sorts. Lolikata’s work is amazing and I hope she continues for a very long time.


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