Naowrimo has started, I’m 11 days into this. Its taken everything I have to write this far. There has been blocks in my road of progress such as family drama and Twitter. So far I’m good and I’ve taken a one day break to clear my mind. These characters I’ve created are more real to me then the one’s I’ve had with my first finished book, but not published. I believe that this will take me far.

Nanowrimo has been so fantastic, if you haven’t tried this I suggest you attempt to, whether you are serious about writing or want the challenge. I wanted this challenged, 50,000 words in 30 days. I’ve heard hard core writers find this a joke but I say to each their own or my favorite staying ‘You can’t knock it until you try it!”  I’ve also heard writers who have done their 50,000 words also tried submitting their work into agents immediately. I suggest you don’t ever do this, unless its edited to your best and you have had people read your work as a test in your novel flow. There is so much work when writing. I’ve had a pleasure of visiting many writers blogs. I’ve found a writer who loves bacon as much as I do.

Keep Writing.


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