…is a nightmare. I don’t know if I should finish The Rocky Horror Picture Show and stare at Tim Curry’s sexy legs or continue on hating this process. By all means I loved writing this novel more. Editing has shown me my weakness and strengths. My strengths are misspellings, errors in my punctuation and incomplete sentences. Although editing does help me fix these things but punctuations is my weakest point.

At this moment my friend Chris is helping me with my punctuation and grammar. For someone like me who loves to write and bring forth characters I think others will enjoy I think I need to read books to correct my flaws. Although I appreciate this learning process, I’m 25 years old I shouldn’t ‘suck’ this bad. But with life there comes lessons. I’m learning so its not all that bad.

November is nearing and the Nanowrimo event is about to start. I cannot wait to create more characters. Lets hope that I can separate the two novels.



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