Chapter One Vs. Chapter Three

So I’m editing, no one is surprised right? I hope not. Chapter one seemed to have taken forever while I’m enjoying reading chapter three, it feels like chapter one was worth all the metaphorical headaches that I had gotten from it. Chapter three is done per-say adding scenes. I have to see if Chris will take on the role to be my grammar/punctuation guy. I need to get more people to be my beta and actually do it. I’ve asked another friend but she hasn’t gotten back to me saying she accidentally deleted it. She’s quite careless so I wouldn’t put it past her to do so.

Chapter four will be better considering I’ve printed the paper out and edited it that way. Its sitting on my rat cage in a Japanese style panda folder.

So far all three chapters have twenty pages each which I aimed for and I couldn’t be happier. I hope my friends tell me if it ‘sucks’ or not. I really want to share my world with you all. For now I’m taking my time because I don’t want to make any mistakes or get too in over my head. My dream is to be a published author even if I don’t make it but I will push forward and make this happen.


Let’s keep revising!


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