My First Post

I am starting November 1st begin my attempt to write 50,000 words in 30 days. This challenge is really exciting for me considering I’m usually the one who doesn’t do challenges. I’m slightly nervous wondering what the hell is going on in my head to want to do this while I am trying to finish editing a novel I am very serious about. All I can say is that if all goes well I can put this novel aside until I want to get this ‘published.’ That’s if I can get an agent for the first one.

The only hardship right now is the title. Anyone have any suggestions how I come up with this? The novel I am writing right now was the easiest but this one that I am doing just for fun and, for the challenge that I can actually meet, is beyond hard for the moment. Brainstorming words is helping a bit but at the end of the night every word, ever thought streams together and blurs where they begin to make no sense what so ever.

So, for right now all I can do is take breaks, I like those.

Until next time. Enjoy my ramblings.


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