Author Interview: Kimberly Kinrade

I bring to you another writer that has impressed me with her kindness. I sent her this interview a while ago.  Her e-mail ate it; but when she found it she was very apologetic. Needless to say, with the holidays that are nearing, how could I, a loyal reader blame her for not answering ASAP? It took me by surprise how sincere she is. I am blessed to have such kindness from a beautiful stranger. This is my first time ever interviewing Kimberly Kinrade. I hope to get to know her better and interview her again soon. I hope you enjoy this as much as I have thinking up questions.

What has inspired you to write?

I often joke that I was born with ink in my veins and magic in my heart. I’ve never NOT written, it’s always been a part of me. It’s like breathing. I just have to write. The inspiration for my stories come from everywhere, from dreams, daydreams, random things I see or read, my kids, my muse. Inspiration is everywhere.

When did you know you made it as a writer?

Financially, when I could pay my bills with my royalty check. Emotionally, when reviews started rolling in for Forbidden Mind and I saw that people really did love my books.

What has been your happiest moment? It can be about writing or as much personal you’d like to share.

The day I married my husband, with our three kids there and my best friend officiating. Being with my family, knowing that we are a unit, makes me the happiest. It doesn’t hurt that I also get to work with my husband since he’s co-writing books with me and does cover design. We have an amazing relationship and wonderful kids and all the best parts of my life are reflected in this.

While writing how often do you take breaks?

It depends on if my kids are home or not. I can write for hours without break, or I might have to stop every ten minutes. I don’t have a regular system in place for breaks. I do find, though, that I take less breaks when I block the internet while writing. Turns out I can go more than 30 minutes without checking email or Facebook and the world doesn’t end!

When not writing what can your readers find you doing?

I love to read and to spend time with my family. I also enjoy working with the Drama Club at my daughter’s school, and speaking to kids about the writing process.

Of your own series do you have a favorite character? Could you tell us about them?

Lucy and Hunter are my two favorite characters in the Forbidden Trilogy. I love that Lucy is strong and spunky, she can tell when people are lying and she’s a hacker who’s also a martial arts expert. Hunter is sexy, strong, skilled and is an IPI Agent. He’s also funny. The two of them together were so fun to write in Forbidden Life.

How do you deal with reviews on your books that you may not agree with?

It doesn’t phase me much. I don’t love getting negative reviews, obviously, but I recognize that not everyone is going to love my books (sad as that may be). If it’s an intelligent review with valid points, I’ll see if there’s anything I can use to strengthen future books. If not, I just move on.

What books do you read?

I read everything from YA paranormal to epic fantasy to thrillers to romance to horror. I like it all.

For those that want to become a writer could you tell them a pro and con of the adventures in getting your name into the world as well as your books?

These days, writing the book is not enough. You have to market yourself, regardless of who you’re published with. It’s a lot of work. First thing is to make sure you have a quality product on the market. That means pro editing, pro cover art, pro formatting, etc. Then, you need to have a long term marketing plan in place and really brand yourself for the long haul. This isn’t a business of overnight success. Even the authors who seem to have risen to the top overnight will tell you it wasn’t that way. The public just wasn’t privy to the time and work it took to get to that level. So be prepared for the long haul and settle in for the marathon.

If you had one place to go in the entire world to write, where would it be?

My mind. There’s enough in there to keep me entertained and writing for several lifetimes. The outside location isn’t too relevant when I’m writing, as long as it’s not too loud or crowded. But I wouldn’t mind doing some world travelling to Venice, Italy and Europe for my next book!

Where can the readers, new and old reach you?

They can find my books at:

And for social media

Website     Twitter     Facebook     IPI Twitter     IPI Facebook   IPI Website Three Lost Kids Website   Daring Books Design & Marketing Website


[NEWS] 121130 JYJ’s Junsu talks about the end of their legal battle with SM Entertainment

It was rather anti-climatic to say the least, but I’m glad for everyone, including the members of JYJ that this is over and they can continue with their music. Thank you everyone for being so strong through these past years.


JYJ‘s Junsu discussed his thoughts on the ending of the legal battle with SM Entertainment.

Junsu took part in a press conference at the Sheraton Hotel in Essen, Germany to mark the ending of his 1st World Tour. He said, “The legal battle lasted for 3 years and 4 months. To be honest, it should have ended earlier… But at the same time I also feel that the results came out suddenly. Having had a hard time for 3 years and 4 months, I felt like that time was not spent in vain… I heard the news when I was leaving for Germany, so I actually don’t know all the details of the settlement.”

He continued, “Because of that, it’s hard to say too much on this. The important thing is that we were able to obtain good results. I haven’t talked to the members yet, but I want to…

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Thankful for YA books

I wanted to write a blog that gives me much thanks for the month of November. My first thing of being thankful for is Young Adult books. I’m not a young adult anymore but I can say that it has saved me literally when I was a kid. I was the only 12 year old reading Stephen King books while everyone else did whatever 12 year old kids did. I was in love with Hanson which I’m still a fan of since 1997. I was teased and made fun of for supposedly being a lesbian because Hanson looked like girls. I always remember a memory of having an ice ball thrown at my face around my 8th grade year. The laughter and pointing created a whole inside my heart and a loneliness no child should feel. My mother would take me to go to the library and check books out. My usual collection was of course consisted of Stephen King and a lot of books about the planet and solar system.

I don’t remember the first young adult book that I had read but reading has always been apart of my life. I remember reading V.C. Andrews and Dean Knootz. It wasn’t until I started writing (seriously as a pre-teen) that I was introduced to the world of YA writing and reading. The books took me to another world-although temporary-it was a relief to be ‘away’ from the teasing and the feeling of being hurt all the time.

As an adult I find pride that I was that odd kid that read a lot and wrote short stories that I had been complimented on. It branched me out to the person I am today. Without such great writers like, Judy Blume to take my mind off of the harsh reality around me I don’t know where I’d be today. I surely wouldn’t be a book reviewer for Yam Mag and meeting fantastic people. I wouldn’t find the joy in reading Patti Larsen’s Clone series (as well as other novels). I wouldn’t have had the guts to go by myself to book signings and meeting, Becca Fitzpatrick, Libba Bray, Meg Cabot and many other fantastic writers who still continue to impress me and motivate me in many ways. My life wouldn’t have been enriched by talking with a fantastic writer Rhonda Helms and bonding over Spartacus.

YA has opened a lot of doors for me. They might not be the biggest doors but I could be a single mother of 3 children right now. Or I could have been stuck in Chicago, poor with some health problems that a lot of people I knew as a kid are suffering from. Its an unfortunate fate for us to be teased but we made it. I want to be that author that sparked life back into a reader even if I never knew it. YA is a fantastic piece of my life. I’ll always read it remembering my first crush or how I felt being rejected by someone but having the courage to go on with my life. Young Adult has taught me a lot of things and it continues to do it till this day. I believe we always learn from children and those who write about them are living their life again and perhaps we’ll learn from that at any stage of our life.

In November, I’m thankful for the countless trips to the library picking out YA novels and standing out when the world wanted me to step back in line and be a quite little girl. I’m far from being a young girl now and I’m way off in being quite. I’m grateful for the hardships that created this sweet reward.

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 out and enter to win all month. Happy Reading!


In this life I am not aiming to be liked by strangers. I’m not aiming to be well known. But I do aim to be remembered and loved. Do not judge me for what you see on the internet. I explain myself poorly and get angry easily. I stand up against cruel behavior against anything whether it is verbal attacks or harming another creature. In so many words, that you will never understand I’ve already told you to shut the fuck up a least once in our ‘friendship’. Unless of course we are so similar that our similarities are telling each other to fuck off.

In no way has my last paragraph wanted me to tell you to fuck off. If you’ve known me for a year or more or have talked to me on the phone or through web cam you’ve already judged me in your own right. I do not go around wanting to be hated for the words I say. I say them because more times than not, I do not even think before speaking. It’s a flaw. It’s what makes me human. You could judge me but the red blood that pours from your wounds also comes out of my own. I would rather cut myself than to hurt a friend. I listen and rarely talk. But when I do talk either I make a point or I insert foot into mouth. It’s that simple for now.

I seek to be understood and to have someone listen for a change instead of talking about themselves. When I’m quite it doesn’t mean I’m mad. It doesn’t mean I do not want to talk to you. It’s more likely that I’m over analyzing something. In reality it would take me a long time to order from a Burger King menu if I wasn’t so boring and ordered the same 2 things all the time.

I’m new to the world although I’ve lived in it for many years. It takes a lot to open my eyes. When my mother passed I felt as if my soul was ripped from my body and I had to become a wizard to magically piece them all together. I’m not even 1% finished. I cannot find my way or a path to put my feet upon. I cannot walk with you as many of you have already passed through and onto your own journey. I sit and I think. I think and then I get angry and then that anger festers in a part of me that’s broken and brittle.

I’m lost but I want to fight. I want to fight for those who have no words, that have no way to put them together. I want to fight for those being bullied and hated on because they happen to be gay or transgendered. Or those made a simple mistake and are paying for it with their young lives. I want to be-

To simply be me: to know how I laughed so freely and didn’t care how oddly I sound or how crazy things may seemed. I want to be that woman that didn’t care if I offended a friend because I always felt we would come to talk to and we’d laugh about something else moments later.

I want to be known as a writer that entertained people with lavish stories. These seem to be like memories as I get told of things I’m something I’m simply not. I know who I am or what I was but I stay silent in mourning listening to voices say I’m this or that. I forget but trying not to forget my own laughter or how I made people feel.

I want to reach out to a hand and hold on, but I feel ashamed. Will this hurt stop or can it be tamed? Will I stop caring how others perceive me when I rarely talk to them unless some drama is ensued? Perhaps in the coming New Year those like I and others on the same road will be able to figure out what we’ve been fighting for. How we lost our voice and the soul that nestles inside our human hearts. Maybe we can draw strength to become that wizard and find our soul again. Or perhaps it’s not lost at all!?

Interview: Patti Larsen

When I got into writing I’ve always wanted to see an article I wrote that had my named featured as the writer. I have always wanted to interview people who personally inspire me or bring good in the world. So far I have interviewed a great editor at and a fantastic voice actor and LGBT activist, Jamie McGonnigal. Now its time to put my questions to a pro. A woman who writes more words that I have spoken, and ladies and gentlemen I’m a talker. I’m almost Olympian gold medal pro!  I won’t keep you waiting so here she is Patti Larsen!

Take us back to when you were a young girl. What were your dreams to be when you finally reached adulthood?

I started out wanting to ride racehorses and tortured my old gelding into running fast though he really didn’t have the stamina for it. I then transitioned to one of Charlie’s Angels, thanks to the imaginations of my sister and best friend. We caught a lot of bad guys in my mother’s living room.

When my dad brought home a copy of Dungeons and Dragons, I immediately wanted to be a sorceress/warrior who could kick the pants of any monster out there. It wasn’t until I was twelve when I read a Nancy Drew adventure I finally knew what I really wanted to do. Writing would allow me to be all of the things I wanted through words and make believe.

If you could go anywhere in the world to write a book, where would it be?

I have a dream to sit on a beach with my laptop for one winter. I’m Canadian and, unlike most of my country people, despise snow. It would be absolute luxury to hang out in Bali or Fiji or the Cayman Islands, sand, surf and cold drinks. But honestly? My books take me to the worlds I want to visit.

Do you have a favorite Disney movie?  ….and go!

Hands down, Beauty and the Beast. I watched that movie at least a dozen times in the theatre when it first came out and own the DVD. The opening song still makes me teary. I’ve even seen the Broadway production (fabulous!). There’s something so amazing about the story, how strong Belle is, how Beast finds love… and then there’s that library. Sigh. True love.

Where do you get your spark for ideas on books?

I usually tell people there are two answers to that question: first is the straight up one. Ideas just come to me. I can sit at a window with a notebook in my lap and come away an hour later with five new series roughly outlined. But the second, or crackpot, answer is the real truth. I ask and they come to me. Along with the voices. No, I’m not crazy. Much.

Before writing full-time what were you doing?

I’ve done so many things in my life in an attempt to silence this particular muse, partly because I was told (and chose to believe) I wasn’t good enough. I went to university to study English and History, but hated everything about being a number. I graduated from journalism and worked a (very short) time in a newsroom, but writing the truth wasn’t satisfying. I tried retail for a while, fell into hairdressing. Made films, wrote screenplays, produced documentaries. Was part of an all-female improv troupe and an all-female Celtic band. I wrote songs, fiddled with inventions. Owned my own businesses. Everything but writing books.

As a teacher you’ve helped me a lot. For those that want to get into writing seriously, but can’t devote 100% of the time to it could you give any pointers?

Writing is about the voice of the soul. I’m sure you’ve heard the term writer’s voice. It took me a long time to find mine, partly because I was looking in the wrong places. And the wrong genres. The craft can be taught, but the spark… you either have it or you don’t. If writing keeps dragging you back and won’t let you be, but you feel you’re not there yet, that you don’t have the talent, invest in yourself. In learning the craft. Because once you don’t have to think about writing, you stop thinking when you write. And that’s when the voices come out and make magic. I wish someone told me that a long time ago.

A personal question that no one might care for; but just so I can have a silly question in this interview: Do you prefer your toilet paper rolled over or under?

Snort. I honestly don’t have a preference. We keep ours on a table by the toilet, because our cats like to shred the roll.

I know you pop out books faster than a well-oiled assembly line, but have there been any time where you felt stuck on an idea for a brief moment?

Every once in a while it happens. I wrote a book last year called Best Friends Forever about sixteen-year-old Emily who loses her three best friends in an accident that should have killed her too. She turns to drugs and alcohol and only comes out of her suicidal state when her little brother is kidnapped by a pedophile.

Heavy stuff. It took me two months to write that book. You know me—I’m normally about two weeks. But Emily’s voice was so dark and her story so bleak I really struggled. There are two books left in her series, but I’ve set them aside. I’m just not emotionally prepared to go back to them yet.

Scenario: During a freak thunderstorm there is a bolt of lightning that zig-zags through your window and strikes  Family Magic. No worries everything is okay, the only thing that you can find is the book has scorch marks on the cover. It turns out that this wasn’t a normal thunderstorm and somehow Syd has come to life. What do you do?

First, I give her hell for not wanting her powers. Seriously. Then I hug the crap out of her and beg her to take me home with her. I could be a witch. Honest.

You made me tear up when I read this, you know. I recently had Syd tell me how her series ends. And while she promised she won’t leave me for twelve more books, all of which I’m outlining now, I already have the last line of the last page written and it breaks my heart every time I think about it.

I don’t have kids. But she’s my girl.

Last question: What are your guilty pleasures?

Chocolate. Netflix. If I’m not careful, I can spend an entire day on the couch with the cats watching TV series. Hidden object video games. Sleeping in. Writing when my husband is home.

About the Author: Patti Larsen is an award-winning middle grade and young adult author with a passion for the paranormal. Her YA thriller series, The Hunted, is available now. Book one of that series, RUN, is a recent recipient of the 2012 PEI Book Awards for Fiction. Seven books of her very popular Hayle Coven Novels, beginning with Family Magic, are also out now. Her YA steampunk series, Blood and Gold, can be found on Amazon, along with her YA paranormal novel, Best Friends Forever, and The Diamond City Trilogy. Her middle grade novel, The Ghost Boy of MacKenzie House (Acorn Press), is available now. She is a full time writer and a part time teacher of her Get Your Book Done program. Patti lives on the East Coast of Canada with her very patient husband and four massive cats.

You can find her:

On her website Patti

On Facebook

On Twitter 

On and Goodreads

The Avengers Review

Be still my loins. Oh. My. God. My heart still beats so fast from the epic journey I went through when I watched The Avengers movie. I’m not going to tell you much except it surrounds Loki (Tom Hiddleston) creating an army and wanting us Earthling’s to bow to him, our King! In another world—reality—I have no problems with that but lets just say he’s real for a second. He’s the bad guy and we gotta fight back okay. Stop thinking with your womanhood ladies.

In the beginning, its kind of slow but not slow that you’d want to get up and walk out of the theater. Maybe you might if you don’t know who The Avengers are and think they all are X-Men and wonder where the chick with the white hair is. Let me fight an eye roll.

So we have the team: Black Widow, Hawkeye, The Hulk, Captain America, Thor and Iron Man all played by amazing actors who were chosen by good people. Great casting directors. I cannot get over how amazing the cast is. Samuel L. Jackson brings a delicious feel of sarcasm and power to the role of Nick Fury.

Comedy is sparingly used thanks to the naive behavior of Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) aka Captain America as he has just been thawed 60 some years later in a new world. Of course we have Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.) who is nothing but hilarious and sexy rolled into a billionaire sex symbol.

Throughout the movie and besides my eyes making love with the actors faces, we get a great storyline with good character development and excellent fight scenes. Each Avenger does have a disagreement with someone within the team. It was a good way to show us action when not facing a bad guy; and that they are human…except Thor. Within a team there are disagreements that will end up in fights and the scenes between Thor and Iron Man duken’ it out was just fantastic. Although, I’m not really satisfied with the way they had some of Black Widow’s story in there. I was hoping she and Hawkeye would have a movie out already.

To say you should wait for this movie to come out on DVD is just insane unless you own your own private movie theater. I don’t think there is a TV big enough for you to experience the sounds around you and the world in front of you displayed on the big screen. The way Joss Whedon directed this movie is from a genius.

I smiled continuously, jumped at the right parts. Felt sympathy for many characters, laughed when the time called for it. If you can look past the hype and get into your own world where nothing matters but cheering on the survival of the human race thanks to six individuals in a land far, far away. You’ll enjoy this film as much as I have.

I look forward to The Avengers 2. So until then lets cheer our guys on and don’t forget when you go to the movies wait until the end. Marvel Studios always rewards those of us who have patience with a good ending scene.

See you next time for another almost orgasmic review!

I’m Back

A Month and then some…

Its been over a month since I updated my blog, not saying I’m popular but it was great to have this for when I wanted to update everyone about my makeup findings, how my progress with editing my Nano novels from 2010 and 2011 were coming along. I had my worst fear happen. My computer crashed. I never thought it would happen to me. When it did happen I didn’t care, I thought I had all my stuff off and e-mailed to my gmail account. Turns out nothing was sent as I had thought. I did have half of each 2010 and 2011 story e-mailed but with 37 chapters written last year and with 2010 nano novel written all the way through and 9 chapters rewritten that was a pretty good chunk of my writing life gone.

Good news comes in a form of a friend…

A very good friend of mine who I will call one of three best guy friends in the entire world that I affectionally call Annie is a pretty amazing computer guy. This butt hole (I say this with love) told me to ship my computer to him and bless his gigantic heart got all of my stuff off the piece of crap computer. Long story short, when he sent my computer in to get fixed–thanks to my 2 year International warranty–it mistakenly was sent back to his house after being fixed.By the grace of that ever growing heart of his he put it back on my newly restored computer.

I don’t know how you cannot love the guy and with how giving he is. He works with computers all day to come home to work on my Toshitba again.

Just writing this out makes me want to write a blog post about guys that are too kind that you think they aren’t real. Hummmm the possibilities. Maybe I will…but anyway this is an update blog.

I gave up…

I felt like the world was against me. That some unknown force wanted me to stop writing and so I did. My feelings were so heavy I couldn’t sort through them. I cried a lot and kept my feelings to myself.

A writer, and a woman I’d like to call my friend Patti Larsen never gave up on me. She was always encouraging me on Facebook and on Twitter. She was like a force pushing me. She knew I wasn’t going to quit. Hell, some part of me knew I wasn’t going to quit. It was easier to say that then to face the fact that I felt like a complete idiot that lost years of work and sleepless nights.

I never thought I’d be able to write everything again if I had to come to that point and re-write. Patti knew that if I had to I would. So out from the flames of my darkness and sadness I began plotting a new book that I named Death Dealers: Ashes book one.

In hopes that I turned a new cheek to my depressing state I decided once I have money I’m going to take Patti’s class and help with outlining Death Dealers. I haven’t forgotten Silver (2010) or Mine and Your Earth (2011), I just need something that grew from me when I didn’t think I had it in me to be a writer again.
Practice what you preach…

Have I not said back up your crap? I have had to said that in some previous post. Why didn’t I take my advice and do that? I’m sure I could have sent it to a writer friend of mine who would have kept it safe in their email. My moral of the story, if something means more to you than life you need to protect it with your life. My friend Andy (Annie) knows how much my writing means to me. I feel very blessed to have friends that listen to me and know the passion I have.

I need to ALT+ S all the time and make sure each document is sent to my g-mail in case this Toshitba crashes again.


I got another tattoo that is closely related to this blog. In February, before my crappy computer decided to throw defeat at my feet I went and got this:

Maybelline Color Tattoo by EyeStudio

Another review by yours truly. A amateur in search of good cosmetics at low costs or affordably expensive. This time its a drug store brand by Maybelline. I never have used their eyeshadow except for their mascara which I’m in love with–Falsies volume express.

These eye shadows are suppose to stay on for 24 hours. For me it lasted a little under 14 hours. I’ll explain why. For me, my eyelids are very oily, its why I need two coats of primer. (I’m a bit paranoid) I don’t know why my eyelids of anything on my face besides the T zone gets this ridiculous, but it does. I’ve read and seen reviews on YouTube saying you can use these without primer. So I gave it a test. I went to Wal-greens yesterday, and saw that they had ONLY these four left. I’m feeling lucky with the Bold Gold–I love yellow/gold–so I grab them up. Right now they are selling cosmetics for by one get one half off kinda deal. Not sure how long they are having these for so get on this if you can.

I paid roughly $6.99 for two of the four; $3.50 for the half off. I like the design of the cases, the bottom is glass and the cap is a hard plastic. It fits tightly when you screw the top back on. They are light-weight but have a heaviness to them that they were designed well with travel and drops. I’m not saying you should full force throw these on concrete but for drug store cosmetics, the packaging is amazing!

They work well on their own. I’m very impressed with how long they lasted without primer but only as a base. With Bold Gold I used a yellow eye shadow by Sephora called Gold Reflection to set it. Honestly, Bold Gold never needed the set. The makeup dries really fast, it comes off cremey when you warm it up with your finger. My only hold up was the drying too quickly part. It was hard to blend and it pulled at my eyelid when I used a shadow brush. It actually hurt. All I did was warm the creme with my finger, by putting placing my finger on my lid and started playing with the product and adding a bit more from the pot. Like I said they do dry fast so its best if you work fast. If you do have a harsh line from it drying, I suggest using a powder eye shadow to blend around the edges; using a darker eye shadow if you plan to do a smokey look or a color similar to what you are using from these pots.

When working with Color Tattoo, when applying it also fade the color around the edges so you can have an easier use of blending. This is from what I went through when I was using the make up this morning. I’m not a pro but I do learn from them. I will update with a picture soon when I’ve used more colors.

The pigments are fantastic with just a simple swipe of your finger into the pots a lot comes off. What I liked about these is the names were on the caps instead of searching on the bottom of the containers. These are a must have in your make-up bag. There are a lot of pros not enough cons for me to not buy the rest of the collection. I think these colors can work well with a lot of skin tones.

I give Maybelline Color Tattoo 4 of 5 Nicole Stars. Until Next time!

Urban Decay Naked 2

I’m not a makeup guru like those big stars on Youtube such as Pixiwoo with Sam and Nic, petrilude, Queen of Blending, xsparkage; just to name a few. But as a women who obsesses over the best make up, I can give you my opinion too.

Urban Decay offers great quality makeup at a cost that is a bit pricy but the saying: “You get what you pay for.” does apply in this case. For anyone that wants long lasting make up with rich color, Urban Decay gives you that.

I recently bought the Naked 2 pallette. I’ve wanted to get the first pallette, but what sold me on this was the black. Its a deep true black I haven’t seen in a while. Other blacks I’ve seen have too much sparkle in them that it throws off the natural beauty of black. In Urban Decay Naked 2 there is a tiny bit of shimmer to the black, but its a really subtle shine.

Included with the pallette is a double ended full size crease and shadow brush. The crease brush is very soft. The shadow brush is kind of hard for me but the quality looks great not to mention that both ends are soft.

As a bonus with the Naked 2 pallette is a small plump lip gloss. I haven’t tried it out, but I might give this one a try.

From what I can see of the color and quality of this pallette is pure perfection. The cool browns look beautiful. The gold tones are breath taking, and of course my black looks as beautiful as ever.

I recommend this for anyone who has an appreciation for color and product. I am really in awe of these colors.

Naked 2 Colors:

Half Baked
Booty Call
Snake Bite

Interview with Editor Julyssa Diaz

Interview tiiiimme. Are you ready?

Let me get my cup of tea and we are good to go!

You are a literature major. Was this always an interest of yours?

Yes and no. Since I was a child, I have always loved books. I am not really sure where this passion came from. My parent’s aren’t that big lovers of literature, my father is well versed, but the love for books didn’t come from him. My earliest memories are of my grandfather doing crosswords everyday.

I’m my household, being a book-lover, I was given very little support. Yet, I always found great pleasure and comfort in stories. So when I grew up, a career in literature was given but I doubted my talent and prospects of a stable future in such a choice. So I chose to study politics at first, as to grant the wishes of my parents. I was of course miserable and dropped out of college after a year. That’s when I decided to study literature no matter what. I didn’t care of what was to come and just focused in this great passion of mine. Again, I had little to no support seeing as literature isn’t something that will get you a “steady” career. I was getting so sick and tired of the: “You study literature? Oh, what does a literature major become? An author? Are you an author?” I had to cringe my teeth too many times… I don’t consider myself an author, yet that is. I didn’t know what I could do with my major and it didn’t really scare me, I have means of maintaining myself as I find my path.

You are an editor at Yam Magazine. Could you tell the readers how you got into editing?

Out of sheer need really. Earlier, I didn’t fully understand the role of an editor. In my mind the editor was the person that controls that the written pieces are grammatically correct. I, who find myself lacking at grammar, was afraid of the role. It’s been throughout this journey with YAM that I’ve realised what it really means to be an editor. So I became an editor because my friend Amy created YAM. I was part of it from the very beginning, I saw great potential in this project and I wanted it to succeed. So I trained myself to become an editor. It has taken me an entire year to grow in to a level where I deem myself somewhat decent. I still have a long way to go. But seeing as we are still a relevantly small publication, I have room to grow. It’s been many days of trials and errors and the huge patience of Amy to guide me. She has been the one that has been a constant pillar to me.

Speaking of Yam Magazine how did you get your position there?

I got it because Amy couldn’t handle it all by herself. I wanted the position, but she was a bit wary, after I proved that I could handle it (in other words: handle WordPress) I was promoted.

I’m going to stay with the curious question I’m sure others are wanting to know. What is Yam Magazine? What can people expect to see when they visit?

YAM magazine is a platform for passionate people to share their interests. We love entertainment, we love to write about it and we want to do so without restrains. We all believe that entertainment should be shared beyond borders, that is why we put focus on sharing content from all over the world — big and small. If we love/like/are curious about something, we will write about it.

People can expect to find something they never heard off/seen before in YAM magazine. Be it an up and coming band from Jakarta, to the biggest selling musician of mainland China (that very few outside of China know off), we at YAM try to be the platform where artists can make them selves heard.

They can also expect to see a kick ass design! YAM is easy to look over and it’s pleasant on the eyes.

As an editor I know you write. Have you written any stories? Perhaps a 100k word book?

I haven’t written a book yet. I am too scared to. My inspiration comes from myself and my experiences. So I am always brutally honest when I write. Because of that, I am very afraid to write a longer story, I am too afraid what truths will slip out. It may sound a little silly, but that is what I struggle with. As of late, my fingers have been itching to type down three stories that have been floating inside my head for a while. I am gathering strength and courage to do so — I love to write and it is foolish to prohibit myself to do so.

I do write poetry as well as short stories, but as of late all my writing is for YAM. I have just started blogging there and I am finding that extremely entertaining.

Before Yam Magazine and being an editor what were you doing?

Attending collage. Joke aside, I work as a personal assistant to children and youths with disabilities. I have done so since I was 18. Today I only work part-time but I am still working with it. It’s a job that is hard for me to let go seeing as I love it so much.

What is the greatest thing you’ve gotten from working as an editor?

Getting to know the amazing people that write for YAM, they are all so lovely and devoted people. We live all over the world and we all are very different, but we find a common ground in our love for entertainment. We are geeks and we love to geek out with each other.
My copy-editor Camiele! She is a life saviour. I can care about the content and she can work on all the grammar errors. Seeing as some of our writers aren’t native English speakers (myself included) we sometimes suffer with grammar. It comes from mixing two or more languages. I often struggle because I tend to write my English as I write my Swedish and that is (according to the grammar gods) incorrect. I often doubt myself when I am editing a piece and it feels so nice to have an English major to help me along.
Another great thing that I’ve got from working as an editor is strength and faith — in my writing, my abilities to run a business, my abilities to solve problems in a innovating way and in my ability to be a leader.

Were there bumps in the road to get where you are?

There were many, all of them having to do with insecurities, discipline and greed.

The insecurities have been my doubt of being a writer, my lack of discipline has been my inability to get pieces out in time and my greediness has lead me to waste so much time: I am always in a hurry to get an article out, so I have many times published pieces that are faulty. Which has lead to embarrassing episodes as well as too much time wasted on post-editing.

I still struggle with my bumps but I am am slowly but surely overcoming them.

For those who want to be an editor, what advice could you give them?

Take your time. Don’t rush things. Look at the bigger picture, what does your publication need? If you are an online publication – what topics can you write about that will have readers find you? What can make you stand out? How can you make the readers stay, comment and then comeback for more?

Have faith in your writers and their abilities. Guide them and respect them.

Find a good copy-writer (laugh)! And always, always read your articles out loud before publishing them!

I have to say I love your tweets. Do you find that strange?

I do! My tweets are so… crazy (hahaha) I mean, I tweet about Kpop and my delusional thoughts and YAM related issues. I think I can be annoying because I write about stuff some people don’t get. But thank you for loving my tweets, it makes writing them so much more fun.

Any big plans for 2012?

Not really. 2011 was my year. I had so much fun and travelled so much. I managed to accomplish several issues that made me realise that I am capable of anything. So 2012 is all about taking that drive and push even further forward. 2012 is also about changing paths. Seeing as I am planning things for YAM that I can’t disclose right now, I will have to change many things about my personal life. So the big plans are to find stability as to be able to concentrate on the future.

I might travel to LA for the Korean Music Festival and a trip back to Seoul in on the works. Besides that, it’s all about YAM.

Do you have any current obsessions?

Besides DBSK and Kpop you mean? Haha. Korean dramas. I am losing sleep because of them. Right now I am watching “The Moon That Embraces The Sun” and it’s so good! Can’t wait to see how it will end but I am already spazzy about it.

What is the best way someone can keep in touch with you?

Via mail or twitter. I always check them first.

Final question. Would you do another interview with me?

Of course I will! Perhaps I will be the one interviewing you after you spend some time with us at YAM? I am really happy to have you aboard seeing as we were lacking in book reviewers. I will look forward to what you can contribute to us and our readers. I personally picked you so don’t let me down (laugh)!

You all can find Julyssa Diaz at Twitter or Yam Magazine